Sutton Family Offers Reward For Return Of Missing Dog

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Lilly, a fawn-colored Pug, has been missing from Hartness Road in Sutton since Nov. 7. A $100 reward is offered for her return. Photo Credit: Contrbuted

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – A $100 reward is offered for the return of Lilly, a 10-year-old Pug who has been missing from her Sutton home since the snowstorm Nov. 7.

Lilly, a fawn-colored pug who is blind, has been a big part of the Newell family, who live at 100 Hartness Road, Sutton, since she was a puppy, said Bob Newell.

"We all miss her terribly, especially my granddaughter, who still fills her bowl daily with dry dog food with lettuce and carrots. Lilly loves vegetables. It's especially heartbreaking when you add to the mix that the poor dog is blind," Newell said.

"She would regularly go out of the house on her own to do her business; she knows the yard well. But I guess the storm disoriented her and in about 10 or 15 minutes she was just gone," Newell said.

He hopes for a happy ending to the story, however, as there are indications the dog was picked up by someone.

"I was easily able to follow her tracks in the snow and they led right from the house to the street where they abruptly ended. There was no indication of any other animals, like a coyote, so we're pretty sure someone picked her up."

Newell said the dog went out at around 7 p.m. on Nov. 7 and wasn't wearing her collar.

"We have done a wide search around the area but there is no sign of her. She seems to have simply vanished."

"So now we're trying to get the word out to whoever has her that we miss her and want her back home," he said.

Hartness Road in Sutton turns to Pollard Road in Northbridge and Newell feels that Lilly might have been picked up by a Northbridge resident.

  Anyone with information about Lilly are asked to call 508-865-4704 or 508-29-.9945.

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