How Well Was Snow Removed In Northbridge?

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Snowbanks were high in the aftermath of the storm. Photo Credit: Sally Burke

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. - A small army of plow drivers took to the streets Friday and worked throughout the weekend to keep the roads in Northbridge clear.

In the aftermath of the snowstorm, which dropped 2 feet on the region, roads remain narrow on many streets and some towns, including Northbridge, Grafton and Upton. have called off school to allow more time to clear the streets.

How are the roads where you live? What do you think of the snow clearing job in your town? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • 23

Comments (23)


Here it is Wednesday evening and the sidewalks on Church street have yet to be cleared. There is no excuse for this. The new management team needs to come up with a new plan. Going home and calling it a night when the roads and sidewalks need attention is a negligent decision. My suggestions would be to hire more sub contractors and have a swing shift.

union man:

Do you want the 6 or 7 understaff employees to throw in a couple pints of blood too? Lets just give them some speed or meth and they can stay up for 48 hours.


Union Man;

I agree, plus those buildings they work out of is something else also!


No one is asking anyone to give blood or take "speed" to stay awake. Once again, the original question was "How well did our town do?" The answer is "poorly". All of these rebuttals just support that by saying "Yeah, they did a crappy job, but their garage is old, and they would have to take drugs, and there was a ton of snow, and blah blah blah..."

The sidewalks are still awful in places and it is Thursday. It's not about new buildings, or hours, or feet of snow, or meth. It's about how good the roads and sidewalks are, and they have been miserable all week.

GuyFrom Whitinsville:

Remember. IF the DPW clears the sidewalks it is a bonus!!! It is town law that homes and businesses clear the sidewalks in front of their property!

Did you clear yours, I did.....

They did not do a crappy job they did well considering the magnitude of the storm, this storm was not mush less the '78 when there were roads that did not even get opened for days!

union man:

Commonsense68 = UPSO


Here it is Wednesday evening and the sidewalks on Church street have yet to be cleared. There is no excuse for this. The new management team needs to come up with a new plan. Going home and calling it a night when the roads and sidewalks need attention is a negligent decision. My suggestions would be to hire more sub contractors and have a swing shift.

GuyFrom Whitinsville:

How do you propose that more contractors are paid for @ $1000 per day vs $300 for employees?

Contractors are part of the problem, most drive pickups with plows, which in an epic storm such as this are simply not big enough to get the job done.

Mom of 3:

I wouldn't mind cleaning out my driveway again, if it meant I could drive on the roads safely. And it had nothing to do with how many hours they had already worked. If that were the case then they would have been back on Monday to clear the roads and they weren't!

A new facility is a completely separate issue. It has nothing to do with how well they clear the roads.

GuyFrom Whitinsville:

YOU might not mind cleaning YOUR driveway again, but, I am willing to bet that if the town came back out and pushed the banks back two days after the storm the DPW phones would light up with pissed off residents. The roads are safely passable, if, one slows down and uses common sense. This was a MAJOR storm, not much less than in '78 when there were roads that did not even get opened for days!

Regarding the facility, were do you think the DPW employees go to maintain and repair the equipment that breaks during storms, take plows on and off, and hope fullly stop for a break and to eat a time or two during such storms.

union man:

Mom of 3 the other problem is they are expected to plow all the school parking lots plus the downtown parking lots and all the sidewalks in town And how many work there 6 or 7 men and a few from the sewer dept. Give them a break have you ever plowed streets when you cannot see a foot in front of you? Unless you can walk in there shoes then I do not believe you should complain, also the pickup and 1 ton plows are useless in this kind of storm, but if that is all you have you try your best to keep the road open for emergency vehicles, then you need a larger truck to push back the sides of the road because of the weight of the snow BUT they are on there own route so you wait until they are done so they can open the roads. So maybe next time see if the town manager will let you ride along with one of these guys and see how long you last.

GuyFrom Whitinsville:

Agree with union man, nobody cares about the DPW till it snows. Mom of 3, what would you have said if the DPW opened the road curb to curb on Sunday afternoon, such that everyone's driveway was then closed up again!?!?! Think about it, the DPW is in a damned if you do damned if you don't scenario there! Remember those guys likely worked ALL day and night Friday, as well as all day Saturday! (30 something hours straight!) It is a hard and thankless job.

REMEMBER this storm the next time we need to vote to provide these guys with a reasonable facility!

union man:

Bottom line is we keep voting down money for new people and garages. Also the DPW is only know when it snows, so maybe the next time we vote to hire help ect. it should be 2 days after a storm.

Mom of 3:

This town did a terrible job. I understand this was a big storm. However, from 6AM Saturday until 11:00AM on Sunday we did not see a plow on our road. What they had plowed was one path down the street and even that still had six inches of snow. Finally called DPW on Sunday. Plow didn't show up until 2:00PM. They spend our money mailing out brochures to all homes saying how they clear the roads curb to curb, not even close! Even after the plow finally came on Sunday afternoon, he still didn't clear the road. We are barely able to fit 2 cars down the street, and the surronding streets are no better. Went to Walmart on Sunday afternoon and even Main Street had about 4 inches of packed down snow. Not even the main roads were clear.


I have lived in town for 24 years and I find the roads this storm and the last one to be the worst I have even seen in town......even main roads were poor. I used to be able to brag about our clean ups but not anymore.


keepitsimple, don't get your panties in a wad... no one made any comments about this being a political issue. The question was about whether or not Northbridge did a good job. They had to cancel school again today for lack of plowed sidewalks... did surrounding towns have to do that? Have you driven around to see what the roads are like here in town vs. the surrounding towns?

In my opinion, our town always used to be right on top of road cleaning issues. As of late, I think they have fallen short. I won't speculate on why, but the answer to the original question is "not so well."


Sorry you didn't like my post. I will loosen my panties if that will make you feel better!


What do you expect when you keep cutting budgets and laying off people, We need to invest more $$$ in the DPW. You get what you are willing to pay for!
I guess as usual it is the republicans causing the problems!

When will be learn?


I agree with CommonSense68. In the past Northbridge has had some if the best cleared roads around. Between this storm and the last one, there's LOTS of room for improvement. New DPW head is falling short. We've had multiple storms in past winters where plows had to deal with 18" already on the ground and then another foot got dumped and the roads were always cleared to the ground and the shoulders were well pushed back.


I don't know if other towns have more $$, but I think our Northbridge did just fine!! Yes, some people should have helped by moving their cars, BUT, where do they put them? All in all, I thought everything went just fine!!


A lot of snow, yes. But when the ban lifted, I drove to several meetings around the state, and in comparison, Northbridge roads were terrible. Other towns' roads were dry and clear to the shoulders, whereas ours still had 6-8 inches of snow. In some places, it appeared that there was no removal done whatsoever. I understand that it was a giant snow storm, and until I went to see other towns around us and how well they did, I was prepared to say we did as good a job as any other town. After I drove around, I was not convinced.


Wow lot of snow

GuyFrom Whitinsville:

The Northbridge DPW did as good a job as could be expected. This was A LOT or snow!

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