Worcester Inmates Give Northbridge's Legion Hall A Facelift

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From left, Worcester County guard Mark Brennan, Harry Berkowitz and Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis talk while an inmate in the background paints a wall at the American Legion hall on Church Street in Rockdale. Photo Credit: Deborah Gauthier
This slide shows the work done by inmates participating in the Worcester County Sheriff's Community Service Project in Northbridge. Photo Credit: Contributed

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – A group of inmates participating in Worcester County Sheriff Lewis G. Evangelidis' community service program were at the American Legion Hall on Church Street for two days this week.

Paint brushes in hand, they put a few finishing touches on the building’s facelift that began a couple of months ago when Northbridge Community Television entered into a rental agreement with the American Legion board of directors.

Harry Berkowitz, a volunteer with NCTV and a board member of the American Legion, said the work of the inmates is saving NCTV about $2,000.

Evangelidis said Northbridge residents saved more than $48,000 in the past year because of the Inmate Community Service Project.

In addition to the Legion hall, inmates over the past year painted and landscaped the Department of Public Works on Fletcher Street, painted the fence around Northbridge Town Hall and did some painting at Trinity Episcopal Church.

“This is good for you and it’s good for these guys,’’ Evangelidis said as he toured the Legion hall with Berkowitz and talked to the inmates about their plans for the future.

One inmate said he would be released on Friday, just in time for the Super Bowl. Jailed for a substance abuse problem, he said, his plan is to find treatment for his addiction with the help of the sheriff’s office.

Another inmate who will be free in April said his parents have assured him he has their support.

Only non-violent offenders are eligible to participate in the community service program, most of them jailed, directly, or indirectly, because of their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

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Comments (3)


I think these inmate work programs are a great idea. Hopefully, these inmates can build their skills, obtain work upon their release, and mend the errors of their past. It would be great if this program could be expanded to include a trade school education, or perhaps things like obtaining a commercial driver's license. A recent story in the Worcester Telegram indicated a severe shortage of truck drivers.
One suggestion - maybe the substance-abuse inmates should receive treatment while they're in the joint, instead of waiting until their release. (Unless they already do.)


I agree I think I would like to here more about local news. Paul must be ADHD because he seems to be very hyper. I do agree with some of his points but tell him to tone down.


Larry, Great Job keep up the good work, you could get drafted to build our DPW and Fire Station? Does the Sheriff have anybody that can help swing a hammer and bend a saw? Maybe help the DPW build some Temporary Shelters for the Town's DPW Equipment?

A Big Thanks anyway to the Sheriff and his Staff for helping out!

Enjoy your new Juke Box record show, and your other shows on local Cable.

Your show on Wednesday night with the other two Senior Citizens should try to focus more on local news. Some say Raul needs to come to terms the President won and move on, the election was in November.

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