WRTA Considers Bus Service In Grafton And Northbridge

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The Worcester Regional Transit Authority is considering a bus route through Grafton and Northbridge.
The Worcester Regional Transit Authority is considering a bus route through Grafton and Northbridge. Photo Credit: WRTA

GRAFTON, Mass. ‒ The Worcester Regional Transit Authority is considering a bus route through Grafton, providing service from South Grafton to the Grafton Commuter Rail station.

A public hearing on the route is planned for Wednesday, Feb. 27, at 7 p.m. at the Grafton Municipal Center, Town Administrator Timothy McInerney told the Board of Selectmen Tuesday.

The route will likely travel from Northbridge to South Grafton to Grafton Common, Stop & Shop, the Grafton Commuter Rail Station and the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, McInerney said.

Transportation would be available on a regular schedule and by appointment, McInerney said. WRTA may be paid through Grafton's $112,000 assessment to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Northbridge Selectmen discussed the possible bus service last month.

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Comments (15)

Transportation is the vital part of someone's life. In a particular country or state we need to travel to accomplish our work. So there is a new facility for the people of Grafton. There would be a bus transit system through NorthBridge to South Grafton. These facilities will definitely help people for traveling.
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Still waitting for the Bus and waitting for the bridge too, also the new DPW, and Fire Dept. Oh well What's next on the dreamers list?

At one time, I was thinking of starting a bus company in Blackstone Valley. That idea died on the vine when I learned about the complications of starting such a venture. That being said, it's about time that we get bus service. I remember taking the Worcester to Providence bus when I was a little kid going to school. Back then, it cost 10 cents to ride from the village to whitinsville. How can Webster have bus service and Blackstone Valley doesn't?

Where is the study of projected ridership? I suspect that this would be an empty bus running back and forth to Whitensville sucking more of our tax money down the drain.

Figuring out projected ridership would definitely be important.

I had to take the train to Boston for a few months, and it drove me nuts that I would have to pay $4/day to park my car 4 mi from my house! If there were a connecting sidewalk, I could have walked, and if there were a bus, I could have taken that (as long as it turned out being cheaper than commuter parking).

If the bus is cheaper than commuter parking, would people be tempted to park at nearby businesses for free, and then take the bus? Again, this could be an opportunity for businesses... maybe they could set up some kind of validation system...just brainstorming here.

A bus from Grafton to Worcester would be a real benefit to young folk in town that do not own a car & have to make choices on what jobs they can realistically apply for.

Public Transportation can be a good thing and provide additional access to other businesses in town. However, what will the impact be on traffic through what is already a very troubling corridor (Rt 122 between Carol and Snow Road)? This should not be looked at in a bubble of what benefits it could bring, it must be looked at in how it will impact non-riders trying to get to work or into many of the businesses along that stretch of road.

Will this proposed idea add significantly to the well being of the town or just add to the already fast growing budget?

A bus will improve the traffic flow.
It will take cars off the street.
I would support the idea of making the bus stops have seats and wind breaks. Several of the new developments have these for the children going to school, in towns closer to Boston.
I call upon the owners of the apartments complexes to design a bus stop that says Grafton.

$$$... I think talking about shelters might be premature. If bus service is consistent and reliable, then people shouldn't have to wait long.
This is also a business opportunity. If you're going to have people waiting, then put stops near appropriate local businesses where the people could wait. Convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants are already built. Waiting passengers would be much warmer in there than a shelter, and they might even buy a cup of coffee and a paper to support the business.
For example, West Concord commuter rail station has an old depot that is a cafe now. When it's cold out, waiting passengers often take refuge in there, and they buy food and drinks. The passengers are warmer than they would be if they stood in an unheated shelter, and the business gets a captive clientelle.

Pulling into stop and shop would be ideal.
I was thinking of shelters in front of the 4 apartments complexes along the route. I do not want the bus driving into the complexes. As that will reduce travel time.

Does Grafton schools have an afternoon "late" bus? If not this bus could service this population. It would be easy for the high school students to walk to the swirls and scoops to pick up a ride. There is a connecting side walk.

Oh yeah, better sidewalks could also help more people take advantage of a bus. There are a few places in town where fixing some some short missing links could make a big difference. (Maybe just some simple asphalt on the side of the road for starters).
There's probably no budget for sidewalks, right? What about a fundraisers or even a 5k to support sidewalk construction in town (afterall, the runners/walkers would probably love to support that)?

I think it would be great that from each school and each park there would be 1 mile of side walks.
That would cover a lot of locations in this town and encourage walk or riding a bike to these locations.

Nice. Oooh, wouldn't it be cool if the WRTA bus line from Millbury (near Rte. 20 and 122) got extended east a few miles, too. Then we could have a transfer stop right over by Post Office Pub. That would be nice for business growth, maybe(?).

This would work if the bus had the device to turn the traffic light green. It would stay on schedule.
There is high density housing along this route, and the middle school and high school students can use this to get home.