Suspected Car Thief Leads Police On 25-Minute Chase From Northbridge

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Millbury and Sutton Police assisted in a multi-town pursuit on Monday morning.
Millbury and Sutton Police assisted in a multi-town pursuit on Monday morning. Photo Credit: Steve Balestriei (file photo)

SUTTON, Mass. – Millbury Police were part of a 25-minute car chase Monday when a suspected car thief led officers from the Sutton-Northbridge line to Worcester, where the suspect fled on foot, police said.

Around 9:20 a.m. on Monday, an SUV that matched the description and license plate of a vehicle that was stolen from a Mendon convenience store was spotted, Sutton police said. David Gray, 26, of 5 Malden Street, Worcester, was seen by Sutton Officer Bryan Lefebvre traveling west on the Central Turnpike near the Sutton and Northbridge line.

A pursuit began through Millbury when he refused to pull over.

Gray continued driving north on Route 146 when state police joined the chase and his car was finally boxed in at 121 Whipple Street, Worcester.  Gray jumped from his car, carrying a backpack, and ran into the woods behind an apartment complex, police said.

He was arrested by Lefebvre, Sutton Police Detective Matthew Bohanan and state troopers after a 300-yard chase on foot.

Millbury Police assisted in the chase and one cruiser slid off the road and into the snow during the incident, according to the Boston Globe.  No officers were reported injured.

Gray was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, failure to stop for police, operating after license suspended, illegal possession of heroin (subsequent offense), illegal possession of amitriptyline hydrochloride, negligently driving a motor vehicle and stop sign speeding and marked lanes violations.

Gray is scheduled to be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court.

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Comments (5)

A thief named David Gray trying to stole a car. He ran it for 25 minutes. Finally, police joined the race and chase continued for 25 minutes. Police catch the suspected car. But, David ran away from the car towards the jungle. Police successfully chase the suspected car. So role in these matters really very important.

What is he doing in Mendon? Shouldn't he be in Sale,Greater Manchester?

David Gray is an English singer-songwriter from Sale, Greater Manchester. Gray released his first studio album in 1993 and received worldwide attention after the release of White Ladder six years later. It was the first of three UK chart-toppers in six years for Gray, the latter two of which also made the Top 17 in the USA. It's too bad he seemed to have things going pretty well before this arrest.

I think this is a different David Gray then the one you are speaking of...

In other words,he hasn't written anything since 1999.