Northbridge Accident Leads To Drunken Driving Charge

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NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – A Northbridge woman was charged with drunken driving on Jan. 10 after a motor vehicle accident on Mendon Road.

Police said Jennifer Lopez, 27, of 1066 Providence Road, was held at the Northbridge police station and later released on bail after an accident that occurred at midnight.

Police received a call that a vehicle had hit a utility pole on Mendon Road. Lopez was arrested on a drunken driving charge following a police investigation.

Arresting officers were Patrolmen Richard Gorman and Brian Collins.

In other Northbridge police news:

A Worcester man was arrested on Jan. 9 at 1:25 p.m. on violation of a restraining order. Police said Mark Caissie, 27, of 212 Webster St., was arrested after the victim came to the police station to report the  violation. Worcester Police Dept arrested Caissie at his residence without incident, police said. He was taken to the Northbridge Police Station for booking then to Uxbridge District Court for arraignment. Arresting officer was Sgt. Brian Patrinelli.

Police also investigated several property damage accidents the week of Jan. 7 through 14.

A complete police log for that week is attached.

Attached: Northbridge police log (police_log_jan._14.pdf)

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I beg to differ. This person was only charged with drunken driving, Maybe she will be found innocent of the charge. I think the headline was correct.

Yup, legally the headline is correct, and yes, she could be found innocent since anything is possible. However, I think we both know, most one car accidents involving a car and a utility pole where the person is charged at the scene with DUI, are, unfortunately found to be the result of driving drunk.

Surely, if this had been a case of a medical condition (heart attack, seizure, etc.) causing the accident, that would have been reported.

Just sick of seeing so many instances of drinking and driving - no excuse for it whatsoever.

Shouldn't that headline read "Drunken Driving leads to Northbridge Accident"?