Northbridge Student Charged With Threatening Murder

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A Northbridge High School student was arrested Dec. 7 for threatening to murder a teacher on Dec. 4. Photo Credit: File

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – A 17-year-old Northbridge High School student was arraigned Friday in Uxbridge District Court on charges he disturbed a class assembly and threatened to murder a teacher.

A pre-trial conference on the charges filed against Zachary Briggs of 14 C St., will be held on Jan. 30, 2013. Court documents note Briggs was released on personal recognizance on the condition he take his prescription medication, stay away from illegal drugs and alcohol, agree to random drug testing and stay with his sister.

According to the court report, Briggs became disruptive in class on Dec. 4 at 10 a.m., throwing paper around and shoving chairs. He was escorted from the building, allowed to return and started “acting loudly’’ in the hallway and swearing at teachers.

When a teacher tried to calm him down, he said, “I’m going to slit your ... throat,’’ the court report states.

Northbridge Police Lt. Tim Labrie said the threat probably isn’t as serious as it sounds, but something that must be addressed. It is the third disturbing a school assembly charged filed against Briggs, police said.

The court report notes that Briggs became disruptive on Dec. 4 after he returned  from a court appearance on a second disturbing a school assembly charge filed from an incident at the high school on Oct. 3 at 8 a.m.

Briggs was arrested Dec. 7 on a warrant on the latest charges without incident on Linwood Avenue. Arresting officers were Jarrod Woeller and Sgt. Brian Patrinelli.

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Comments (9)



Northbridge Police Lt. Tim Labrie said the threat probably isn’t as serious as it sounds, but something that must be addressed. It is the third disturbing a school assembly charged filed against Briggs, police said.>>

Seriously, Officer Labrie? In this day and age a student threatens to slit a teacher's throat and you say it "probably isn't as serious as it sounds"? I would certainly take this kid at face value, and this is not the first time he's had issues. Sounds like a time bomb waiting to go off to me! Let's not risk another school catastrophe, please, and get this kid some obviously-needed help!


Notice that it's always in the morning with this kid. He probably doesn't get enough sleep. And stop picking on “The Village People” the Indian was always my favorite, probably explains why I voted for Elizabeth Warren.


It's a good thing all of you do not live where I do!! In Schenectady,NY minors that commit this offense are sent to either Juvenile Detention Centers to live until they are 18 or sent to a mental health facility called Four Winds to be evaluated,sometimes for two months. Around here an incident like that would have the school on lock down and no one would be entering or exiting from the building. Always take serious a threat like that it only takes once to have it a reality. Also you would think decades of people treating the families from the village area as less or troublesome, to be something of the past come on people evolve already!!

Northbridge Dweller:

@bruinsfancam8..This teen could be from any other street in town and you would not dare make a statement like that. The only reason you don't see teens from say Hill Of Heights or any of those is because those parents can afford to hush things up. I have known of several incidents where "non alphabet streets" teens have done wrong and things were "handled". Get off your sanctimonious high horse,turn your nose back to normal position and see the world as it truly is,NO child is better than the other,including the ones living in "good neighborhoods" and the "alphabet streets".


"I have known of several incidents where "non alphabet streets" teens have done wrong and things were "handled"."

AHHHH YES, the old "I heard" or "I know" of others that this happened to and (insert conspiracy theory here)...

This happened after he returned from a court date for disrupting school previously. So if he lived on Heights of Hill St, this would have been "handled'? I believe this is his 3rd or 4th offense of disturbing school assembly the article stated?

Save your "it's all about the money" argument.

Read the police logs published every week and see how much of our police resources are dispatched to that neighborhood...

Northbridge Dweller:

Not saying it is about money or not having money. What the point is that it is about which side of town you happen to live on that gets referenced over and over (i.e. the "alphabet streets"). And the reason I do not mention names (i.e. your reference to "conspiracy theory") is that I have the grace and discretion not to mention a child's name in a public forum.

This particular case is sad that things have occurred several times is a testament to not one single adult (parent(s) nor school officials) seem to realize the pattern with this child.It is hard for someone who may have mental issues such as this boy to learn control at this stage if it has never been taught to him and if there is a lapse in his medications. Someone should step in and take guardianship of this child if his parent(s) are unwilling or incapable of providing the structure and control he so obviously needs.


Hey bruinsfancam8: What's your point?are you insinuating that people who live in the village are not as good as you or anyone else?
Obviously this young man has some mental or emotional problems. Where he lives has no bearing on this case. Hopefully he will get the help he needs.Shame shame on you!
There are many wonderful people who live in the village, I think you owe them an apology.


Which brilliant school official decided to let him back into the school after he was escorted out of the building? Judging by what is reported in this article, sounds like the staff has no real plan for handling a student like this. He's done this 3 times - time for a revamp of his IEP... If he even has one. Clearly something needs to be done to protect staff & other students from this kid.

Northbridge Dweller:

It is people like you who perpetuate the "village terrorists" idea. The village is no worse nor better than the rest of the town. What would you say if this teen lived on Laura Lane or Sutton Street? No! Stop your bias negative ways and look at the real world.

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