UPDATED: Northbridge Police Officer Stabbed With Spear

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Northbridge Police Chief Walter Warchol holds a spear used in the stabbing of a Northbridge police officer Friday.
Northbridge Police Chief Walter Warchol holds a spear used in the stabbing of a Northbridge police officer Friday. Photo Credit: WCVB-TV
Officer Thomas Dejordy was injured while making an arrest on High Street Friday morning.
Officer Thomas Dejordy was injured while making an arrest on High Street Friday morning. Photo Credit: Contributed
Adam Tillison was charged with attempted murder.
Adam Tillison was charged with attempted murder. Photo Credit: Northbridge Police

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – A Northbridge police officer was stabbed with a spear and a Whitinsville man charged with attempted murder after an incident Friday morning on High Street, police said.

Officer Thomas Dejordy was stabbed in the abdomen just below the ribs, Police Chief Walter J. Warchol said in a news release.  He was taken to Milford Hospital in Milford where he was treated and released.

Adam Tillison, 27, of 11 High St., was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (double bladed spearhead), assault to murder, attempted murder and possession of a dangerous weapon (double bladed spear), police said.

At an arraignment in Uxbridge District Court Friday afternoon, Tillison was held without bail until a dangerousness hearing on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The incident began when the Northbridge Police Department received a call from the Milford Police Department asking for help in stopping a 2003 blue Jaguar that had led officers in Milford, Mendon and Hopedale on a high-speed chase with speeds of up to 100 mph.

Northbridge Officer Brian Collins saw the vehicle pass him on Linwood Avenue at a high rate of speed and turn onto High Street. He said he saw the operator, known to him as Adam Tillison, get out of the vehicle and run into 11 High St.

Police said Dejordy pursued the suspect into the residence and that the suspect ran up the stairs to the second floor and grabbed a double-bladed spear.
According to the police report, Tillison stabbed Dejordy as the officer reached the top of the stairs. The spear went through Dejordy's protective vest and punctured his abdomen below his ribs, police said.

Dejordy was still able to get Tillison to the ground and handcuff him, police said.

Tillison was taken to the Northbridge Police Department for booking and later transported to Uxbridge District Court for arraignment.

Police said Tillison faces the following charges:

  • Fail to stop for police
  • Speeding (70 mph in a 30 mph zone)
  • Reckless operation of a motor vehicle
  • Fail to Stop for Red Light
  • Operate motor vehicle with a suspended license
  • Uninsured motor vehicle
  • Operator motor vehicle with a revoked registration
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Resist arrest
  • Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (double bladed spearhead)
  • Assault to murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Possess dangerous weapon (double bladed spear)
  • Default warrant out of Uxbridge Court (original charge unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle
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Comments (13)

An act of courage, strength and skill.
What more can the Town ask?

what more how about a new DPW

union man,

We suggest attending a Tuesday morning coffee @ Mc D's to decide for the Town what is best for this other issue.
A "Coffee Hall Puscht" perhaps? (German spelling is not guaranteed. As a mater of fact neither is the English/American spelling guaranteed.)

Yikes, that's quite a weapon - good thing Officer Dejordy was wearing a vest or he'd be dead or close to it after stopping that thing with his stomach.

Good work officer Dejordy. Here's hoping your injury is minor and you are quickly back to work.

Well done, again, by our Northbridge police department.

Mr. Davis,

We felt you were hiding somewhere as you have not responded to questions asked of you on other comments on other issues that you have raised.

We trust that you must have forgotten or is the Town to believe that you are dodging via deflecting these questions in letting others speak for you?

Officer Dejordy is an officer who evidentally got the job done even after being stabbed by the man. Northbridge residents should feel safe with an officer such as him. Job well done!

To bad office Dejordy didn't just shoot this guy, A Boston cop wouldn't think twice about blowing him away when a wepon is pulled on them. Glad the officer is OK

Jethro, I totally agree!

Thank you Mr. Dejordy....doing your job helping good citizens....hope the book is thrown at this fellow and he goes bye bye for a long long time.

Glad to hear that Officer Dejordy was treated & released and the suspect arrested. The only thing that would make a happier ending is if Tillison was admitted to the intensive care unit...or the morgue. But our police are true professionals, and here it shows!

Thank God Officer Dejordy wasn't killed. I wish him a speedy recovery. He's a great guy.