Longtime Moderator Faces Challengers In Northbridge Election

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Two Northbridge residents have taken out nomination papers to challenge long-time moderator Harold D. Gould in the May 21 town election. Photo Credit: Deborah Gauthier

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – The position of moderator is proving to be a hot commodity in Northbridge this election season, with three candidates throwing their names into the hat so far.

Incumbent Harold Gould, moderator for more than 35 years, took out papers for re-election last week. Former Selectmen John A. (Jack) Davis and Russell D. Collins are challenging him.

This will be Collins’ second attempt to unseat the longtime moderator.

Current Selectmen James J. Athanas and Charles Ampagoomian Jr. will seek re-election for three-year terms. They are facing challenges so far by John E. Brown, a member of the Conservation Commission.

School Committee member Timothy Doiron, appointed to fill a vacancy last year, has taken out papers for the one three-year term available this year.

Incumbent School Committee member Karen Peterson Kittredge has not yet indicated whether she will run for re-election.

John Patrick Shannahan took out papers to run for re-election to a five-year term on the Housing Authority.

Ronald L. Massey took out papers for a three-year, veteran  position on the Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials.

Available positions in the May 21 town election are:
• Two three-year terms on the Board of Selectmen.
• One three-year term on the School Committee. Two committee members are up for re-election, but only one position will be filled, as the town is reducing the nine-member board to five members.
• One three-year term as town moderator.
• Two three-year terms on the Planning Board, currently held by Barbara H. Gaudette and Richard P. Griggs.
• One three-year, nonveteran term on the Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials, currently held by Jeff Allard.
• One five-year term on the Redevelopment Authority, currently unfilled.
• One four-year term on the Redevelopment Authority, currently unfilled.
• One three-year term on the Redevelopment Authority, currently unfilled.
• One two-year term on the Redevelopment Authority, currently unfilled.
• One five-year term on the Housing Authority.

The last day to obtain nomination papers is March 28. Papers must be returned to the registrar of voters with the signatures of at least 50 registered voters by 5 p.m. April 2.

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Comments (20)


"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.
Jack jump over the candle stick." (Auth. unk.)


Awww, if he's voted out who is going to remind me to turn off my Blueberry at the beginning of every town meeting?!?!?!?


Not that the position really has a ton of say in anything - just don't want to see Russ & Jack come back and renew the Hack Pack. Too bad there aren't more choices - for all the open positions.


The Position can be quite influential, is it not the conductor of our Town Meeting's, and appoints FINCOM, and the BPCC majority members if I recall.

Is their a potential Hack Pack in our present operations?


"The McD's Puscht" a it were.


The Ponderosa Boys have been talking to a lot of Taxpayers in Town, the general consensus is it time for some changes in Town Government.

If you are happy, and overjoyed, with the way things are going in Town now I guess vote for the same old, same old.



As you are one of the"The Ponderosa Boys"? Which other ones are the "Muscle" and the "Gunman"?

Fantastic analogy. It looks like it "works".

But are you not the "...same old, same old." if "Jack" wants to "take it back"? "Jack" likes things his way.

From "Animal Farm"(George Orwell) - Paraphrasing etc.. - "The other farm animals look at the pigs and the humans, the humans and the pigs, pigs and the humans the humans and the pigs and they cannot tell them apart. If anything the pigs want the power the humans have."




If you say so, cannot always agree on everything, nor your other points of the comment.




Either Davis or Collins would be lousy.


They both would do an excellent job, either one.


An elegant reply from "The Three Stooges"


The Three Stooges came out in 1930's still famous and watched today. A historical team of comedy actors, excellent intelligence behind the comedy many historians have noted.


They were supposed to be a comedy act to make people forget what was going on in the depression.



"Jack" wants to take back "His" town.
Speaking of the "Old Power Brokers"!
Is this a "toughs" way of getting their way!


Is this not what we may have at the present?



union man:

Do we really need Collins???????????????


Union Man,

Change is a good thing, and sometimes the best of things!


"Jack is a "change"?

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