Meeting For Northbridge DPW Site Draws 1 Abutter

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Northbridge DPW Director James Shuris explains renovations that will be made to a Douglas Street building if voters approve its purchase and renovation at the Dec. 4 special town meeting.
Northbridge DPW Director James Shuris explains renovations that will be made to a Douglas Street building if voters approve its purchase and renovation at the Dec. 4 special town meeting. Photo Credit: Deborah Gauthier

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – Officials expected many of the approximately 20 abutters to 371 Douglas Road invited to a neighborhood meeting Wednesday would attend with questions for Department of Public Works Director James Shuris.

But just one abutter attended the meeting called by Shuris and Town Manager Theodore Kozak to discuss plans to move DPW operations to the Douglas Road address.

Shuris wants neighborhood support at a special town meeting Dec. 4 when voters will be asked to purchase the former Old Colony Printing at 371 Douglas Road for $995,000 and borrow an additional amount of money (an estimated $2.1 million) to retrofit the 19,000-square-foot building to fit DPW needs.

If approved, about $125,000 of the $2.1 million will be used to renovate the current DPW facility on Fletcher Street, which will continue to be used for winter operations, Shuris said.

Kozak suggested a second neighborhood meeting and expanding the reach. Invitations will be sent to approximately 100 families living on Douglas Road, Hastings Road, Cliff Street and Windsor Ridge. That meeting will be during the week after Thanksgiving, the date and time to be announced.

Paul Reitz of 68 Hastings Road said noise was his biggest concern. Shuris said a barrier against sight and noise will be built on a portion of the property, and he noted there will be little noise as the loading of sand and salt will remain at the Fletcher Street property.

Kozak said neighborhood involvement is important.
“One thing we don’t want to do it make it bad for the neighbors. We want it to be a win-win situation,’’ he said.

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Comments (13)

I could be all wet but it seems to make sense for our Board Of Selectmen to consider hitting the Pause Button on this entire process plus save the Town $8-$10,000 Dollars on a Special Town Meeting in December.

Consider after the Holidays going in the direction of a combined new DPW/FireStation in Town with the BPCC?

The BOS could issue a new mandate to the BPCC for a combinde new DPW and FireStation. Plus their are three BOS members who are always commenting how bad we need a new FireStation also.

I am not an expert but I think the Town would be able to attain a lot of Public Safety Grants once the FireStation would be connected to the project.

Plus I think we could figure out an economical way to clean up the old DPW Site also.

Just my two cents anyway?



Northbridge Department of Public Works
Douglas Road Site
Northbridge, Ma

"Concept Cost Estimate"

("Items not included in this estimate are:")
**Land acquisition, feasibility, and financing costs***
Items identified in the design as Not In Contract (NIC)
Items identified in the design as by others
Rock excavation; special foundations (unless indicated by design engineers)
Utility company back charges, including work required off‐site
Work to City streets and sidewalks, (except as noted in this estimate)
Construction or occupancy phasing or off hours’ work, (except as noted in this estimate)
**("Contaminated or unsuitable soils removal or replacement")***
Hazardous Material abatement
*Deep foundations*
**Building envelope insulation upgrades**

*The estimate is based on prevailing wage rates for construction in this market and represents a **("reasonable opinion of cost.")** ("It is not a
prediction of the successful bid from a contractor as bids will vary due to fluctuating market conditions, errors and omissions,)"!*
proprietary specifications, lack or surplus of bidders, perception of risk, etc.

Consequently the estimate is expected to fall within the
range of bids from a number of competitive contractors or subcontractors,***( however we do not warranty that bids or negotiated prices
will not vary from the final construction cost estimate***)!
This cost estimate was produced from site visit and owner supplied plans. Design and engineering changes occurring
subsequent to the issue of these documents *("have not been incorporated in this estimate.")*
This estimate includes all direct construction costs, general contractor’s overhead and profit and design contingency. Cost escalation
assumes one year out.
Bidding conditions are expected to be public bidding utilizing chapter 149 filed sub bidding and DCAM qualified general contractors

"Statement Of Probable Cost"!
TCI has no control over the cost of labor and materials, the general contractor's or any subcontractor's method of
determining prices, or competitive bidding and market conditions. The opinion of construction is made on the basis
of the experience, qualifications, and best judgment of the professional estimator familiar with the industry.

"(TCI does not guarantee that bids will not vary form this estimate.)"!

TCI staff of professional cost estimators has prepared this estimate in accordance with generally accepted
principles and practice.

Douglas Rd DPW Cost Study From Towns Website:



After reading that Cost Estimate Report I think we might have to have a lot of this report explained by our Town Government on cost's not considered by the report?

I think I am going to run this by the Town's famous Local Talk Cable Show and get their opinion on this..

WHY WHY WHY do all of you people keep spending money on something that will not be builed within the next 10 years if ever? You will never get this to pass, even a good boxer knows when to stay down.

Poundcake, sounds like you should have attended the meeting.

Old Colony is a LOUSY place for the DPW. That's kind of a narrow road for large trucks to maneuver. Just build an acceptable structure where they are currently housed - or somewhere else on that stretch if 122. I don't live near there but I agree it's a lousy spot for a DPW. Too much if a residential area.

It would MOST DEFINITELY hurt the property values in that area.

stillaranch, thanks for the info and I agree with you.

Mr. Kozak,

As far as your statement........“One thing we don’t want to do it make it bad for the neighbors. We want it to be a win-win situation,’’

I'd like to inform you that this is a loose/loose situation for the entire Town, not just that neighborhood.


We would be interested in why you say that?

- Poor Site to operate out of (little to no outdoor space to store materials such as gravel, cold patch, pipe, drainage structures..........

-Very in efficient (ergo expensive) to operate out of 3 locations. A) Basic operations out of Douglas Rd. B) Winter operations out of Fletcher St. (with the repair, fueling stations and drivers facilities being at Douglas Rd. that is never going to happen, it's a sales pitch/pacifier to the abutters) C)General storage and dump site on Rte 122 at the sewer beds.

-Takes valuable income property off of the tax rolls.

-Doesn't solve the problem of Fletcher St. being in the flood plain.

-From what I have heard to date it doesn't appear to resolve issues with the delapidated out buildings. (I may be wrong on this)

If that's not enough I have more.


Tell us more, please.

Its The Economy!!!!

With the Fiscal Cliff looming in Washington those associated financial unknowns, people two or one Paychecks away from living on the Street or moving to a Shelter, or back home with their parents. A lot of unknowns with the Stock Market if the Fiscal Cliff is not handled correctly in Washington by Congress, some financial experts have suggested.

The Cost of Living, Food, Fuel, Child Care, Housing, Heating Costs, Increasing Taxes, Water Surcharges, Sewer Costs, Medicare Costs, Health Insurance, College Costs, Trash disposal, Car Costs, Car Insurance, Electric, Cable, Cell Phone costs, the Holidays coming, people are Taxed and Billed out!

Middle class people levels being reduced in the Nation soon just Poor and Rich Class?

Plus how much Property Tax, and other Taxes will the Town be loosing when the property is taking off the Tax Rolls? How much to keep the old DPW open a year? Thought the Town had two locations on already Town owned property it could build a new complete DPW on?

How much has the Town spent on Study's???

1. First Fletcher Street DPW Study: (To See If We Could Build On Fletcher Street) : $76,000 dollars., 2. Cost Analysis Report Study of Douglas Road Remodel DPW Site: Cost: Unknown/Known.,?? 3. Cost Of A possible Structural Lateral support building load study of the Douglas Road property.,?? Cost Unknown?Known?

Plus putting a DPW on Douglas Road would that be the Green Light for Industrial use of all sorts on Douglas Road, plus maybe effecting our Property Values in the Castle Hill and associated neighborhoods?
Maybe one of those Raw Sewage To Green Methane Energy Companies may move to Douglas Road?

With all these opinionated factors the Town could have to go back to the Drawing Board, and start from scratch.

Econonmic News Coming In From Euroupe From CNN.

Eurozone slips back into Recession
By Mark Thompson CNNMoney November 15, 2012: 10:12 AM ET;

LONDON (CNNMoney) -- The eurozone has slipped into recession for a second time in four years, as the sharp fall in activity in debt-ridden southern Europe economies weighed on output across the region.
Eurostat's first reading of gross domestic product for the three months ended in September showed a contraction of 0.1% in the eurozone, after a decline of 0.2% in the second quarter -- confirming the 17-nation currency area is back in recession for the first time since 2009.

Story; CNN Money;