Northbridge Gears Up For Election Cycle

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The Northbridge Town Clerk released the election schedule for 2013.
The Northbridge Town Clerk released the election schedule for 2013. Photo Credit: File

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – Northbridge residents who want to be candidates in the May 26 annual town election may pick up nomination papers from the Town Clerk's office beginning Feb. 5.

Nomination papers will be available through March 28 and must be returned to the Registrar of Voters for certification by 5 p.m. April 2.

Town officials up for re-election include Selectmen Charles Ampagoomian Jr. and James J. Athanas and Moderator Harold D. Gould.

School Committee seats held by Timothy Doiron and Karen Peterson Kitteredge expire this year, along with a seat that is vacant. At the annual town meeting last year, voters approved a town charter change that reduces the number of school board members to five over a three-year period. Because of that change, only one three-year term on the School Committee will be on the ballot.

Two members of the Planning Board, Barbara Gaudette and Richard Griggs, are up for re-election this year, as are Jeffrey Allard, a member of the Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials, and John P. Shanahan on the Housing Authority.

There are four vacancies on the Redevelopment Authority, all of them because there were no candidates in previous elections.

The election and town meeting schedule follows:

  • April 16, 5 p.m.: Last day and hour for filing nomination papers with the town clerk.
  • April 17: Last day to register to vote in the May 7 annual spring Town Meeting. The town clerk’s office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • April 18, 5 p.m.: Last day and hour for filing withdrawals of, or objections to, nominations for annual town election.
  • May 1: Last day to register to vote in the May 21 annual town election. The town clerk’s office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • May 7: Annual spring Town Meeting.
  • May 14: Last day to post warrant for annual town election.
  • May 21: Annual town election. Polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Oct. 2: Last day to register to vote in the Oct. 22 annual fall Town Meeting. The town clerk’s office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Oct. 22: Annual fall Town Meeting.

Unregistered voters may also register to vote during the town clerk’s normal business hours which are Monday, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Tuesday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Comments (23)

It was an electronic controller on the burner that failed, it was replaced yesterday afternoon and was running fine today. Nothing to do with the steam!

Good information anyways just in case if the next possible issues involves the Steam aspect of the system.

Good news it was only an electronic controller, they say its good to get your heating system checked before the heating season starts.

Lets hope the Town Hall heating system is maybe back working at 100%?

Could 'Ice Station Zebra' winter jackets maybe be in Vogue for our Town Hall employee's this Winter season??

I had given management in the town hall a number of suggestions on how to address the steam heat in the building along with the name of a contracting firm in Mendon.

Sad to hear it's still a concern.

Steam is an excellent system when properly maintained but it needs service personnel who know what they are doing and it needs tender, loving care.

There is a difference between sytems with venting and those with steam traps on the radiators and both must be set-up accordingly. Not hard, not tricky if you know what you are doing but they do not operate the same and as I recall someone at one time tried combining systems. Not the way to go to get a system to operate properly.

I wonder what the steam pressure is at the boiler? Most novices increase the pressure to increase the heat-WRONG.

The old "dead men", those who know steam call those who installed these excellent systems called them, knew how to design, install and maintain them. is the source for anything steam and the pros on the site will answer any questions.

Mr. Davis,

Did you bring this information to the DPW Director James Shuris or to Robert Van Meter?

UPSO, no I didn't. Do you really think Mr. Shuris would listen to anything I have to say after the DPW fiasco?

It was a while ago that I passed the information on. I was in the town hall when it seemed some of the radiators were having their own private opera recital.

I noticed that whoever had been trying to adjust the steam part of the system did not know the difference between one pipe with vents and two pipe with traps.

Nice to hear from another poster that the problem was only a control on the boiler and not in the system.

I would be curious what the system pressure is, if all the rooms are heating properly and that there is no banging in the pipes or radiators.

The "dead men" set and piped the systems so that they would heat evenly at very low pressure in the boiler. High pressure usually means someone is trying to force steam to certain areas which could unbalance all. That is a sign that the traps may need cleaning or replacing-standard maintenance.

You can also tell if a system isn't quite set properly when you see windows open in some areas of a building when it's very cold outside.

Mr. Davis,

Have you no response to our proposal dated 01/25/13?

Mr. Davis,

Considering your expertise and historical knowledge of this and other type steam systems I believe that they certainly would listen to you. If you think that they have small minds and are vindictive about your opinions rather than directing their efforts to do their jobs by correcting this and other problems, it might be possible that you separate your "DPW project agenda" from other problems you can help solve. It appears from an aware "poster" that the problem, once looked into, was solved.

As you indicated that you do know the system, did you ever consider donating your expertise in assisting Robert Van Meter with developing a Preventative Maintenance Program for this and other mechanical systems for our municipal buildings? This is no small task, but think of all the money you would save the Town by donating the time and effort that would make the municipal building environments better and healthier for our municipal employees.


Maybe if he offered a helpful cost saving opinion, assistance, on 'Steam Heat' a possible Town Entity may be some what taken back that a Private Citizen may have a better idea then them, plus even if its more economical, could you imagine that?

I think Mr. Davis not to long ago was issued a Certificate of Achievement from the Board Of Selectmen for his 30 plus years of Citizen Volunteerism to the Town. Mr. Davis has the ability to lead people down the barrel of a Cannon without encountering resistance from a single one, in my opinion. I have a feeling the Powers to be at Seven Main Street, and the DPW already are well aware of Mr. Davis capabilities in his profession. But would they be presently be potentially receptive to his assistance if even offered, IMHO I think maybe not.

IMHO I have a feeling we will differ on opinions on this. :)


What we suggested was that Mr. Davis volunteer, if he had the time and we know that he has the experience, to assist Mr. Van Meter in developing a "Preventative Maintenance Program" for the mechanical systems for the existing municipal facilities that he most likely has first hand knowledge from his "30 plus" years service to the Town.

Again, it appears that an opportunity to do good for the Town is being converted to an assumed problem.

By the way, we would be most interested as to, what "Town Board" are you referring? We believe that the thrust of any Preventative Maintenance Program was determined to be developed by the DPW.

The Town needs a "Future"!


IMHO I think we can also agree the Town needs a lot things? :)

'I know at one time the DPW was hiring a Facility Maint person for the Town's many buildings, it is no longer advertised on the Towns Website? Do not know if they hired someone or if the funding was maybe withdrawn for that position?'

As a lot of Taxpayers may feel why build new facilities, sports fields, other Town facilities, pay good Tax money if they may not be properly maintained?


You said: "As a lot of Taxpayers may feel why build new facilities, sports fields, other Town facilities, pay good Tax money if they may not be properly maintained?"

"Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

We wondered what "IMHO" means.


Let me put it this way, I would think Taxpayers may be more considerate of new facilities if they also know if they are going to be properly maintained.
We can also debate what 'maintain is', for decades but I think most taxpayers may understand my meaning.

Which came first the chicken or the egg? That is open to one's own opinion. :)

'IMHO' = In My Humble Opinion ;)



Do you have any idea why Mr. Davis can not speak for himself. It may appear to others, along with us, that you have to speak for him. Has he given you his right to speak for himself?

Thank you for defining IMHP ('IMHO' = In My Humble Opinion ;) We think that, considering the definitions intent, "IMHO" should be "IMhO", where humble would be less than a "Capital". "De gustibus non desputantum est."!


Nope! :)


Do you know of the reason why Mr.Davis did not respond to our postings?




Why do you get of off the subject of a Preventative Maintenance Program for Northbridge and turn it into argument for or against a updated DPW facility?
We are sure that your suggestion may have some value. Don't you think that a recommendation for an accurate professional inquiry to that "western MA town" DPW facility should be made to the Town Mgr, BOS or the BPCC? But then again, isn't the DPW on a very long "hold"?
If we can stick to the subject of a Town "Preventative Maintenance Program" we would do more active positive good.
Standing in front of a mirror (Tuesday coffee) to discuss a solution to a problem limits the probabilities of a comprehensive solution.
You must be familiar with the definition of a "camel". "A camel is a horse designed by a committee."


You could appear to be somewhat of an intelligent cerebral person, I think we can maybe both agree the many numerous complex issues of our Town, Nation, did not happen over night. Nor can they be resolved by us just discussing them in the context you have outlined or suggested in your comment.

I think we can both agree the days of Ozzie and Harriet, and Leave It To Beaver, and some may say America's Golden Age, along with the Leadership of the Greatest Generation that once echoed in the pillars of American Society has slipped away. Our facets of our Political Leadership today is maybe more 'Ceremonial' then a willingness to make the hard decision's, or by which way the wind may blow or political correctness, or what may be fashionable in the moment or times.

Until our Politician's are willing to maybe make some very hard decision's, I am afraid just one of the many legions of National and Local issues, the DPW which is one you mentioned may never be resolved, but who knows? Plus surely not by us two minor wordsmith's discussing it on this Website, in my opinion for what it may be worth.

I am glad I have lived the times that I have lived and witnessed different leadership styles, and what we could be lacking in today's times. I am afraid the problems and issues are way to big for me and you, I guess all I can suggest at this time is buckle up we may be in for a somewhat 'Bumpy Ride.' :)

Have to go I have some speeches of President Truman, Eisenhower, I have to review.


Again we note you are using "obfuscation" as a tool to divert from the original question or problem. No matter what "handle" you use.

Mr. Davis is a big boy and should be able to handle our questions.

We feel that you do not think Mr. Davis is capable of answering our questions.

We also feel that you think that the Town leadership is not capable of any good decisions.

By way, we noticed your use of "maybe" or "may" was used five time in four paragraphs. Could this indicate that you are not sure of what you are trying to say.

You are incorrect in assigning us the " intelligent cerebral person(s)" handle. This of course would be your evaluation. Making the assumption that we can agree on any issue is also incorrect.

The issues being discussed, at this juncture of development, are local and societal "grass roots" and not as you are deflecting to issues of "national" importance.


I guess I do not agree on 'Assumptions','Interpretations' 'Feelings' and 'View' Points', some that you mentioned, plus not all appears to be what it appears to be. ;)

In this big World 'when you think about it' does it not amount to a 'Hill Of Bean's' anyways?

'Vale quia nunc' Latin., English: Goodbye For Now. :)


"In this big World 'when you think about it' does it not amount to a 'Hill Of Bean's' anyways?" - What?

"...not all appears to be what it appears to be..." additional obfuscation?

Again "off the point".

We are most grateful for the translation as we are not Latin scholars. A touch of the "vulgare" (sp?) perhaps!

Thanks for the excellent information Jack Davis, I was talking with some of the old timers at a local Coffee Shop this morning and they thought the Town Hall is still heated for free by the old Shop?

I know at one time the DPW was hiring a Facility Maint person for the Town's many buildings, it is no longer advertised on the Towns Website? Do not know if they hired someone or if the funding was maybe withdrawn for that position?

Thanks for all your information and the helpful website.