Northbridge Voters Reject Prop 2 1/2 DPW Plan

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A plan to purchase this property on Douglas Road for use as a Northbridge Department of Public Works facility was rejected Monday when voters refused to exempt the $3.1 million plan from Proposition 2 1/2. Photo Credit: Deborah Gauthier

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – About 10 percent of the town’s registered voters had their say Monday on whether to exempt plans for a Department of Public Works facility from Proposition 2 ½, and the decision is “No.”

Town Clerk Doreen Cedrone said 635 voters cast ballots. The vote was 288 for, 355 against a proposal to exempt from Proposition 2 ½ the purchase of a building at 371 Douglas Road and to retrofit the property for DPW use.

At the special town meeting Dec. 4, voters rejected a request to borrow the $3.1 million needed for the project, but a special election, which is needed with any Proposition 2 ½ exemption plan, already had been scheduled.

If a majority of voters had approved the exemption, the Board of Selectmen or a citizens petition could have requested another special town meeting to address the issue again.

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Comments (5)


I agree with a recent poster, eventually the Town is going to have to figure something out, and protect the DPW equipment that is not covered.


union man,

Almost all voters are not taxpayers.
All taxpayers are not voters.

Non-voters should best be careful about what they get or do not get, when they do not vote.


Ridiculous!! $40 annual tax increase??? What will it be when we have to pay for a building AND replace all the equipment that's been left out in the weather?????


It's not just the $40.00 it also could maybe be the the process, plus combined with the unknowns of the general Economy on the average American, and the working poor. Plus last week the State advised they may be reducing Local Aid by 1% just to start, because Tax Revenues are off or have not met the State's Fiscal 2012-2013 projections.

Which is a possible predictor of our General Economy, for next year which the average Taxpayer may already be feeling and thinking about?

I agree with a recent poster when the poster said it was up to our 'Town Leadership' and our 'Town Officials and Department Heads' to resolve these future Capital Building project issue's for the Town.

union man:

It's time for the town fathers to listen to the word of the tax payers.

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