Sen. Richard Moore Gets Promoted

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State Sen. Richard Moore (D-Uxbridge) is now the Senate's president pro tempore.
State Sen. Richard Moore (D-Uxbridge) is now the Senate's president pro tempore. Photo Credit: File Photo

MILFORD, Mass. – State Sen. Richard Moore (D-Uxbridge) is climbing the senior leadership ladder at the Statehouse.

On Thursday, Senate President Therese Murray appointed Moore as president pro tempore, and state Sen. Stanley Rosenberg as Senate majority leader, filling the top two positions behind the Senate president.

Moore, who co-chaired the Health Care Financing Committee last session, takes Rosenberg’s position. Murray said Moore did “yeoman’s work” on health care reform, and deserved the promotion.

“I am humbled by this new leadership responsibility which is not only a tribute for my service to the Senate, but a tribute to the people of the towns in the Worcester and Norfolk Senate District who have supported me over the years,” Moore said. “At the same time, I am energized by this new leadership role which allows me to become involved in a wide range of policy issues and deliver results that matter for the people of Massachusetts.”

Moore has been the Senate’s point person on health care matters for several years and was a principal author of the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law in 2006, which provides near universal access to health care. He also was the primary author of a 2008 law to improve quality of care, a 2010 law providing health reforms for small business and the most recent reform of health care payments and cost containment.

In his new role, Moore will assist Murray in her duties and regularly will preside during Senate sessions in her absence. He also will be assigned major legislative projects in the coming months.

Moore was also appointed vice chair of the Senate Committee on Ethics and Rules, which controls the flow of legislation, and he continues as a member of the Committee on Bills in Third Reading, which gives bills final review before coming up for near final approval by the Senate.

Moore is a past president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, the national association of all state legislators and legislative staff and a current member of the executive xommittee of the Council of State Governments. He lives in Uxbridge with his wife, Joanne.

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Congratulations, Senator More on You New Position in the Massachusetts Legislature, and the General Court.

Hopefully someday an issue the Legislature may address is the High Cost of Nursing Home Care for Long Term/Assisted care for the Citizens of Massachusetts. On average a monthly stay in one of these suggested facilities for a love one is between $8000-$10,000 a month depending on the facility. Plus a 10 Day Bed hold for all those in a Nursing Home that could have to go to a Hospital, from the Nursing Home.

A lot of Seniors are unaware that Federal Medicare only covers a 90 day stay in a Nursing Home, under certain conditions. After the 90 days the cost then falls to the individual or family of the patient still in the Nursing Home, unless they did proper Estate Planning. I think one may qualify for State Medicaid coverage if a person fall's within the State's poverty guidelines?

Maybe Long Term Care 'low cost Insurance' should be considered through Mass Health for all Citizens, or through the Group Insurance Commission for those Taxpayers that wish to be prepared if a love one should end up in a Nursing Home unexpectedly or other unforseen Medical events. Plus Private Long Term care Insurance can be any where's from $500 -$1000 a month, in these economic time's most cannot afford this along with all their other normal living expenses.

'Thank You'