Northbridge Ass't. Superintendent Search Comes Up Dry

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Superintendent of Schools Nancy Spitulnik is re-opening the search for an assistant superintendent.
Superintendent of Schools Nancy Spitulnik is re-opening the search for an assistant superintendent. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – Northbridge Public Schools will re-open its search for a new assistant superintendent after three finalists were eliminated from consideration.

Superintendent of Schools Nancy Spitulnik told the School Committee on Tuesday that she is hoping a better pool of candidates will be available once the position is re-advertised in March, a more traditional time for educators to seek a new job. The post was originally advertised in November after Spitulnik, the previous job-holder, was appointed to the top job.

"We don't want to put just anyone in there," she said. "We want to have the right person in that role."

Six candidates were interviewed by a search committee, which winnowed the field down to three candidates. One candidate dropped out due to salary issues, another declined on the eve of a site visit and the third lacked kindergarten through grade 12 experience, Spitulnik said. Most of the candidates are now school principals.

Should the new search be successful, the new assistant superintendent would have a start date of July 1.

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Comments (12)

The current Superintendent is not planning on being in this role for a large amount of time as she is looking to retire after a great carear. Thus the smart thing to do would be to hire a QUALIFIED Assistant Superintendent who can be groomed to be her replacement at a later date. Taking this approach makes the most sense for the town.


I wonder who has been doing the Assistant School Superintendent duties over the last #6-#8 months? How would we know the person hired would commit to a possible future School Superintendent position in this Town?

Can the Town afford a Grooming Pay scale for a Grooming person?


We had an Asst Supt position in the past, this isn't a NEW position and it is a position that is needed and budgeted for. The responsibilities of the Asst Supt have been absorbed by the current administration through a lot of multitasking and support from all members of the administration. I don't want to generalize but most Asst Supt are striving for the Supt position so the fact that our current Supt is not planning on staying 3-7 years in this role will most likely be a drawing point for us to find the right canidate, one that has the skill and experience to move from the Asst to the Supt. No nobody can predict the future and the Asst Supt could quit, win the lottery etc and not want to move up but I think it is wise to plan on this. I also want to call out that I don't believe the town is paying any "Grooming Pay" scale, they are paying the prevaling wage that an Asst Supt is budgeted for in this town, they are going to pay the amount that is ALREADY accounted for in the budget and has been in the prior years. This is not an attempt to add anything to the budget it is to replace a current opening.


Thank you for your response, plus I am confident that SC Budget Sub- Committee Chairman Mr. LeBrasseur, will also deeply consider the complete economic picture of the Taxpayers of the Town. Plus how the State and National Economy has also had an impact not only on Taxpayers plus Municipal, State, Budgets in general.

Just to clarify, there were 6 candidates interviewed. Many more applied but were not chosen to be interviewed by the screening committee. Also, as the process continued, and candidates were more closely considered, including an onsite visit by one candidate, finding an Asst. Supt. with K-12 experience was seen as critical.

I commend the Supt. for opting to not bring forth a candidate she felt would fully support the needs of the school district. She could have just presented us with the "best" option, and made her job a little easier, but she knew that was not the right approach.

Asst Superintendent = Lieutenant Governor. Both are basically unneeded positions with high pay. Like Taxmanone said, hire a lower pay administrative assistant to assist the superintendent.

We feel that the selection process was interesting. There were six candidates that applied for the position and of the six three were selected for final consideration. One candidate had a salary issue, One did not show up and the third did not have K-12 experience. The question: How did the third candidate get to be one of the last three for consideration?

UPSO to answer your question on the 3rd candidate. WE ARE TALKING NORTHBRIDGE, enough said.

And what is that supposed to mean? The school committee has done an excellent job and the candidate wasn't hired, so IT SEEMS NORTHBRIDGE IS SMARTER THAN YOU THINK.

Maybe the School Committee could maybe consider re-posting the position as an Administrative Assistant to the School Superintendent, plus at a possible lower pay scale, and less job requirements? Then maybe use that savings and the potential additional $175,000 in the Governor's proposed Budget for the Northbridge School system to maybe hire additional Teaching staff, Student programs, for the School system?

Ok so now lets spend more money looking for a superintendent, just like the new DPW

union man,

And what is that supposed to mean?