Northbridge School Rejects Waiving Gym Use Fee

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A request by the newly-formed Northbridge Youth Basketball League that rental fees for the gymnasium be waived was rejected by the School Committee. Photo Credit: Deborah Gauthier

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – Waiving the fee for use of the Northbridge Middle School gymnasium sought by the newly-formed Northbridge Youth Basketball League is not supported by the School Committee’s budget subcommittee.

At a meeting of the subcommittee on Monday, Business Manager Melissa Walker said the school district waives the $50 rental fee for town groups. However, they are charged a $60 utility fee and a $60 to $80 custodial fee per use.

School Committee Chairperson Michael McGrath said it’s important to be consistent. If the committee makes an exception for one group, others will expect it.

“I think we’d all like to help them, but we can’t make exceptions,’’ agreed Committee Member Michael Lebrasseur.

Schools Superintendent Nancy Spitulnik said utility and custodial costs that are charged only covers cost to the school district. “If we can’t cover the cost, it would have to come from our budget,’’ she said.

In an unrelated matter, the subcommittee agreed to recommend raising the substitute nurse salary from $75 to $100 per day and that the school district replace a steamer and tilt skillet at the Balmer School.

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A few points are important:
1) This organization doesn't pay the "usage fee" that non-town related organizations pay.
2) The fees charged are to cover costs, not make a profit.
3) They charge the players to participate so they have a budget.
4) The taxes in this town are so low that there isn't anything "extra" available.
5) Organizations don't encourage activity, parents do. If you want active kids, a free gym isn't what is going to do it.


I know what you mean about just the Basic's, and No Money!


A $60.00 Utility fee and $80.00 custodial fee per use seems a bit high. Your asking a Northbridge youth Basketball league to pay additional fees for a gym use that the town taxpayers already support. Really??



You think with the Schools approx $28-$29, Million Dollar annual budget they would be able to work something out or cut them a little bit of a discount or an offset?

Has not the Schools saved a little bit of cash not paying for an Assistant Superintendent since the other Superintendent Retired? Maybe they could use a few pennies from that account to help the Basketball League?

Once again the Towns Party line we have no money for anything above the very basics.

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