Northbridge's Lasell Field Will Gain New Ground In Spring

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Lasell Field in Northbridge will be getting new sod in the spring.
Lasell Field in Northbridge will be getting new sod in the spring. Photo Credit: File photo

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. — Lasell Field will get new sod in the spring along with a cut in sports usage, the Northbridge School Committee was told Tuesday.

The move, which will displace Northbridge High School lacrosse for a season, is designed to improve conditions at Lasell, the only town athletic field with lights.

Northbridge voters last year opposed a plan to put artificial turf on the field.

Before this year, more than 200 games were played annually on Lasell Field. Use of the field will now be limited to Northbridge High School varsity football and lacrosse, along with a night game each for boys soccer and girls field hockey, said Paul Halacy, director of facilities for the school department.

Pop Warner football, nonvarsity high school teams and other town leagues are no longer allowed to use Lasell.

"It's an expensive Band-Aid," School Committee member Tom Doiron said of the sod. "We're just going to have to fix it again in a couple years."

The sod should be put down in April to give it two seasons to grow before football starts in the fall, Halacy said.

"All you're going to get if you put it in in the summer is crabgrass," he added.

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Comments (3)

What's missing in this plan is information about where the games will be shifted to and what the impact will be on those fields. Based on the football and LAX home schedules it appears Lasell will be down to 20-25 games a year- meaning 175 games or so will need to be played at other venues.
The upper field at the high school that the boys and girls varsity soccer teams use had goal posts placed for pee-wee football. If the intent is to play freshmsn, JV and pee-wee football on that field, your SWCL champion girls will be dodging divots at their home soccer games. Hopefully there's a plan that cares for all boys and girls sports and not one that simply shifts the problem to less visible venues while still leaving the majority of the teams playing on inferior or unsafe fields.

Sod? I hope they're planning on twice-daily full waterings, at least for the first year. Every single sod installation I've seen that wasn't religiously watered shriveled up and died. Quick fix and looks great, but it's a lot of work if you intend to keep it that way.

Glad something is getting done before someone is really hurt on that field, thank you. I am also happy they are planning to minimize the use the field gets to help keep it in good condition. I am surprised that Northbridge Varsity Girls Soccer (current SWCL champion) is not going to get to play on the field as well. Each team should have at least one game under the lights each year, probably the homecoming game.